Towards a Mad Abolition

To be "of unsound mind" (non compos mentis) is, in legal terms, to be considered incompetent to stand trial and therefore situated somewhere between the penal approach of criminal law and the therapeutic directives of psychiatry and social work. It is the intersection of crime and madness that this project seeks to illuminate. 

It is evident that our capitalist present is anti-Black, racist, and patriarchal to its core. Of Unsound Mind is aligned with projects oriented towards abolishing the present state of things and the police that protect it. A police-less future must also be free of that policing that directs itself at our mental health, our deviancies, or our differences. Those considered mad, disabled, or criminal are not an afterthought, but are already at the forefront of imagining new worlds.

More than that, the extent to which these two approaches (penal/policing approach vs. therapeutic/psychiatric approach) can actually be considered or thought about separately from one another appears questionable. This project is invested in exploring psychiatric power's similarities with the police power, but also their historical entanglement and mutual constitutions

Research, writing, and web-design by Sasha Durakov Warren.

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