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MHIC Presentation Series: Notes and Slideshows

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Below are the notes and slideshows of my presentations for the Mental Health in Crisis talk series. The recordings can be found on the Writing landing page at the bottom: The transcript for part one can be found here: I will continue to update this page with the slideshows and notes after the presentations, and I will upload the recordings to the audio player linked to above. Included below is also a poster for the the series. The best way to keep up with the series/links is to follow the Facebook page at or follow me on Twitter at

Is An Anti-Colonial Psychiatry Possible? Frantz Fanon, Racism, and Mental Health (3/14)


Notes for Mental Health in Crisis, Fanon
Download • 18KB


Mental Health in Crisis: Fanon
Download PDF • 7.18MB

The Asylum is Sick: The Mental Institution from Medical Prison to Laboratory for Change (3/28)



The Institution (MHIC)
Download PDF • 10.73MB

Psychiatry Negated: Conflict and the Culture of Resistance in Italy and Brazil (3/11)



Download PDF • 22.71MB

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